Are you aware of yourself, your thoughts, and your true emotions and feelings; and employ this awareness to guide path of your life?

If yes, then you possess an intelligence known as ‘intrapersonal intelligence’.

Intrapersonal intelligence, one of the nine types of intelligence identified by American developmental psychologist Howard Gardner is the capacity to access one’s own feeling life and range of emotions and affects; to instantly discern among those feelings, emotions and affects; and to mark each of them with the help of a symbolic code such that these feelings, emotions and affects aid in comprehending and directing one’s own behavior

Intrapersonal intelligence is mainly involved in an individual’s examination and knowledge of his own feelings. It is the development of internal aspects of a person. At its primary level, the intrapersonal intelligence is the capacity to clearly differentiate a feeling of pleasure from one of pain and, on the behalf of such difference, to get more involved in or to pull out of an affair; and at its advanced level, intrapersonal knowledge permits an individual to perceive and to symbolize complicated and highly differentiated sets of feelings.

Most common examples of professionals having this type of intelligence include novelists who understand and write about the feelings; therapist who have deep knowledge of their own feelings and on the basis of these feelings they treat problems of others; and religious or spiritual leaders who have clear vision and create vision for followers.

Any type of undertaking or adventure is the result of blend of two or more types of intelligence, one intelligence cannot solely play a remarkable role in any undertaking. While other types of intelligence play a significant role in an individual’s success or failure in life, the intrapersonal intelligence has a vital role in the failure and success of every individual. For instance, an individual who possesses musical or spatial intelligence but lacks a sufficiently developed sense of self or intrapersonal intelligence cannot excel merely on behalf of his intelligence in music and spatial knowledge. Sense of self enables an individual to improve his own well-being and his association to the community. Besides neither form of intelligence can develop to a significant level without development of intrapersonal intelligence. Developed sense of self is in fact the highest achievement a human being can have because after achieving it one can fulfill all of his goals.

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